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I love my mediation ring from Cahoia. They have great service and an amazing selection.


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Welcome to Cahoia

Cahoia is a wholesaler and online retailer specializing in beautiful, handcrafted sterling silver and semiprecious stone rings from India and Nepal. Cahoia deals directly with the crafts people and therefore is able to offer a large line of unique rings directly to consumers. Cahoia believes in fair trade and travels the world in search of quality artisan jewellery.
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Shiva Shell Ring

Shiva Shell Ring

Cahoian's love the naturally occurring spiral in the Shiva Shell Ring; nature's reminder to look wit[...]
Connection Between "Mandalas" and Cahoia Rings

Connection Between "Mandalas" and Cahoia Rings

“Mandala” is Sanskrit for circle. The circle represents; the universe, the circle of life, and helps[...]
Changing Women’s Lives in India!

Changing Women’s Lives in India!

Cahoia Rings is compelled to give back to empower women!      Vocational Training Changes Women’s[...]
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