About Us

Cahoia is a wholesaler and online retailer specializing in beautiful, handcrafted sterling silver and semiprecious stone rings from India and Nepal. Cahoia deals directly with the crafts people and therefore is able to offer a large line of unique rings directly to consumers. Cahoia believes in fair trade and travels the world in search of quality artisan jewellery.


“Loretta Voth, the owner of Cahoia, has always had a passion for accessorizing. Her motto in life is she “must adorn everything.” Loretta is also a world traveller who always finds hidden gems and jewels wherever she travels. Cahoia is her way of sharing her passions and making unique jewellery from around the world more accessible.”


Introduction of Kari Mercer:


It is with great pleasure that Cahoia Rings announces an addition to our growing family!

Kari Mercer has joined us as a Cahoia Rings Sales Representative in the Okanogan/Interior of BC.

 Kari has a passion for silver – in her words; ‘Always, always loved Silver of any kind … I have drawers of it, every description, I am always wearing several pieces at a time…. it makes me smile & SHINE somehow. Silver dresses me up no matter what I’m wearing…. it is more important to me than the clothes…. pretty much everything looks better with SILVER !! Silver and me… WE GO HAND IN HAND… RINGS especially !!!  Cahoia’s motto of ; “MUST ADORN”, suits me down to the ground !!!

Kari brings 30 years of expertise and experience managing Medical Offices. Kari is looking for a new adventure as a compliment to her love for travel, meeting new people, and sharing Cahoia she sees as a great addition. Kari shares Cahoia Ring’s value of Integrity for customers as well as suppliers. – “The idea of Cahoia being a company that provides a WIN WIN for so many people all over the world… that means a lot to me as well. Right from the Silver Smiths in India, to the Cahoia Family and all the lovely people that get to enjoy the rings and the stories that are part of each ring…. more than just jewelry … stories, lives…. It’s beautiful.”

 We feel Kari Mercer is a great fit for Cahoia Rings! Silver is the “highest reflective value” on the colour spectrum; we think her passion for silver will SHINE as brightly as the element she now represents. Welcome and happy sales to you! kari@cahoia.com


Tannis Kirstuk; Cahoia’s Marketing Facilitator


Tannis’s Marketing expertise developed from merchandising, managing and marketing in the Vintage clothing sector. She has over 5 years of experience overseeing; fashion shows, window displays and look books. As a budding photographer Tannis has a keen eye for creating ‘visual stories’. Her storytelling skill is the asset that serves Cahoia Rings flawlessly as she helped stage and produce Cahoia Rings first Look Book.

Cahoia is excited to have Tannis Kirstuk bring her Marketing expertise to the Cahoia Rings Team.