Caring for Your Ring

Now that you have purchased a Sterling Silver/Gemstone ring you want to care for it in order to preserve its longevity. Minimizing everyday wear and tearlike dirt, heat and moisture will help preserve the life of your ring.


Removing your ring when doing household chores will help minimize wear and tear. Water,heat, dirt, chemicals and even sunlight, can deteriorate the quality of your ring. Knocking a gemstone against a hard surface can crack or scratch your stone, so please be careful. To keep your silver rings shiny, only use a soft silver jewellery cleaning cloth, stroke the silver ring gently, five or six times with the inside of the cloth. When removing your rings, store them so that they will be protected from getting scratched.


If you have any doubt about how best to care for your ring visit your local jeweler/professional for advice. Please treat your ring with care but most importantly enjoy your jewellery!