Shiva Shell Ring

Cahoian’s love the naturally occurring spiral in the Shiva Shell Ring; nature’s reminder to look within yourself.

“All you need, you already possess within you!”


Connection Between “Mandalas” and Cahoia Rings

“Mandala” is Sanskrit for circle. The circle represents; the universe, the circle of life, and helps bring focus. For centuries, those seeking a sense of unity with the world around them have used Mandalas.

“Making a Mandala is a discipline for pulling all those scattered aspects of your life together, for finding a centre and ordering yourself to it. You try to coordinate your circle with the universal circle.”

The Mandala, like the spinning ring, can be used as a meditation tool. Spinning your meditation ring, like tracing, spinning or walking a Mandala; can help increase your creativity, relieve stress and find a send of focus and balance.

The symbol of the circle like the movement of the spiral; echoed in the meditation ring, remind us that all we need we already possess within us. We encourage you to take a deep breath and focus on the calming spinning of the circle.

Meditation Ring

Adira Mandala

Changing Women’s Lives in India!

Cahoia Rings is compelled to give back to empower women!

     Vocational Training Changes Women’s Lives in India.

DaLit Women

Dalit women are marginalized by society because of their poverty, gender and low social status.

Cahoia is helping give hope by supporting one woman’s vocational training.

Dalit Freedom Network is empowering Dalit women through education, vocational training and economic development opportunities.

Meditation Rings Call You Into Being “Present”

What does it mean to “Be Present”?
Do you remember actually being in the shower this morning? Did you breathe deeply and feel the warm droplets of water on your skin? Or were you compiling lists, going over all the things you have to accomplish this day, analyzing what you didn’t get done and worrying if there are enough hours in the day? Did your day begin with “negative monkey chatter’ in your mind? Do you remember driving this morning? Did you see the glorious sun rays on the gorgeous blossoming rose?

Most of us, I would guess, went through our morning on ‘automatic pilot’, going through the motions, worrying and planning without truly being present. So many things are vying for our attention it is harder and harder to be fully present. Sometimes you arrive at a destination wondering how you actually got there, scary!

The buzz word of the day is “PRESENCE”! Recently I was speaking to a friend about the quest to “be present” in our chaotic, over stimulated, busy lives and she agreed “everyone is talking about presence”. But what does it actually mean to become present? PRESENT = existing, occurring now, present day, now, today, in the moment! Jon Kabat-Zinn writes “Presence is paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment non-judgmentally. Being present is being fully engaged, involved and attentive to what is happening with your body, mind and heart. It is participating, observing and sensing simultaneously. Awake, in the moment.”

The first step to presence is wanting to be present; or setting the intention of being present. It is active, presence takes action. The second step is to bring your awareness and attention back to the moment. At first you may struggle. As soon as you set the intention to be present your mind will wander. Be kind to yourself. It is ok. There is no right or wrong here.

Presence is a muscle that you develop with practice. When thoughts come, allow them to come and then gently let them go. Be patient with yourself, take a deep breath, fill your lungs to capacity and exhale slowly through your mouth. Bring your attention back to the moment again. Keep going, keep trying to be present.   Observe how it feels to be present. At first it might feel strange, unfamiliar and overwhelming. Our modern world has us trained to be distracted but with these simple steps you will begin to feel comfortable in the moment.

Imagine how focused you will become when you are present. The only time you have is now, this very moment, why not be present for it, feel it, experience it. Imagine how different your interactions will be if you practice presence. Colours are brighter, sound is clearer, relationships deeper.

“I remind myself over and over; be aware of this breath, this moment, this step. This is the magic, the fairy dust. All I longed for is mine right here, right now in this moment always.” Zinn

This is the only life you have. I encourage you to choose to be present in this moment! 

Does this Story have a familiar Meditation Ring to it?

Cahoia Ring Story

Two strangers meet on a plane; one a passenger, the other a flight attendant.  Both spot the other wearing a meditation ring.  The rings spark a conversation, as they talk about the rings and what they means in their lives they come to realize both rings have been purchased from Cahoia Rings.  A synergy, a familiarity, a commonality of shared values is felt, a bond occurs = They are Cahoians!

Meditation Ring

One of your favourites!

Back to Basics: Root Chakra

At Cahoia we have been reading more about the seven chakras and finding ways to heal any that may need it. We thought where better to start than with the basics? The first chakra: the root. This chakra is the first to develop in our earliest years. It is our most animal self. If we had any trauma or pain in our early years, we can still be carrying around those burdens. This chakra needs to be cleared in order for us to feel safe and secure. If things are out-of-whack we may have unnecessary anxiety, worry, low self confidence and even addiction.

Let’s clear our root chakra! Something as simple as walking in our barefeet on the grass will help keep us grounded to Mother Earth. So let’s try and squeeze as much of this in as possible while summer is still here. Physical exercise, especially moving the lower body, will help release tensions. Our root chakra is located at the base of the spine so make sure to move those hips and shake your booty. Dancing is a great remedy!

The colour for our root chakra is RED. So crystals and gemstones with red tones are beneficial to be wearing. At Cahoia we carry some beautiful rings with red garnet stones: check out Stila and Saniya which are both available with garnet stones. We are also waiting for a new ring to arrive with a beautiful red Jasper stone! Please stay tuned for its arrival.

We will leave you with a beautiful mantra for you to help cleanse and heal your root chakra (photo credit to

root chakra



Positive VIBES

At Cahoia we have been focusing on the POSITIVE. We are practicing gratitude and sending love out into the universe. We never could have imagined how our rings could have a life of their own and affect so many people in a positive way. Cahoia loves hearing stories about all the adventures our customers have been on with their rings and the special meanings they earn.

We have noticed a big impact as we continue to focus on positive energy, love and light. Let us know how you send positive energy out into the unvierse. Do you meditate? Keep a gratitue journal? We would love to hear from you!




5 Reasons to Celebrate Women

Cahoia is owned and run by women, has many female customers and just loves women in general. In honour of International Women’s Day, here are 10 reasons why we celebrate the women in our lives:

1) They have huge hearts, and always seem to have room to love one more person.

2) They are strong inside and out. No one can quite keep it together in times of struggle like a women protecting her family.

3) Women are beautiful — mind, body and soul. Most great works of art, whether a painting or a poem, were inspired by a woman’s beauty.

4) The reason you are living and breathing right now is because a woman created you, nurtured you and gave you life.

5) Women have an amazing way of being strong and independent, while also being soft and feminine. Basically, the best of all worlds.

There are a million more reasons to celebrate women, these are just a few. How will you celebrate the women in your life?


Project 59: Inspiration from a Friend of Cahoia

I don’t know about you, but here at Cahoia we cannot believe how fast the New Year is going by. Spring is on it’s way, and we decided some of us may need a little bit of inspiration to remind ourselves of those New Year’s Resolutions we made. Here is a beautiful story about a friend and mentor who purchased two Cahoia rings with a very special purpose.

About a year and a half ago, Ruth started a personal journey called Project 59. She had just turned 59 and in celebration and preparation for her upcoming 60th birthday, she wanted to make intentional goals for the next decade of her life. Ruth wanted a tangible symbol of her journey, so she purchased two Cahoia rings: Koina and Chia. She likes the feel of Koina and its resemblence to a shield and spinning Chia is a reminder of her goals and intentions.


It is now a few months after Ruth’s 60th birthday and she is doing fabulous! She is more present in her life and is very intentional with her decisions. We are honoured that she chose Cahoia rings as a symbol of her growth and transformation. Ruth Kewin is an inspiration and mentor. To learn more about her career as a divorce and life coach, visit her website.



The Naturally Occurring Spiral

When I pull the plug in my bath, I watch the last of the water slowly spiral down the drain as I dry off. Feeling relaxed and calm from my soak, I can’t help but think about spirals that have been caught in time; on a rock or a sea shell, and their almost mesmerizing qualities. It had me wondering about spiral patterns and what makes them so attractive.

spiral water

It turns out that a spiral can be a metaphor for bringing one back to centre, the fifth chakra, within thyself. Instead of things “spiraling out of control,” it can mean consciously spiraling back into oneself to find our true self, our essence, our divinity. The spiral has been used over and over again to create beautiful reminders to centre oneself, like prayer wheels and mazes, and the mandala. I love a visual reminder to reflect and remember that “all I need, I already posses within myself.” No wonder I am attracted to the hypnotic pattern of a spiral.


When searching through my jewellery box, I find myself very attracted to my Shiva ring and wear it frequently. The shell has a beautifully occuring spiral that is slightly unique to each shell.


Do you find yourself attracted the spirals in nature? Do you use the spiral as a visual reminder to centre yourself? Comment below!